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Let us tackle your astronomical processing challenges!

PARSEC Solutions LLC (PARticle processing, Spray Engineering and 
Commercialization) provides technical consulting and custom technology design and development services in the fields of: 

  • Powder processing/particle formation 

  • Fluid mechanics/spray atomization 

  • Heat/mass transfer 

  • Thermodynamics 

  • Combustion systems 

Specializing in the following applications:

  • Pharmaceutical powder production (pulmonary and oral delivery) 

    • Spray drying and supercritical fluid techniques 

  • Powder processing system and hardware evaluation 

  • Process development and scale-up of powder production processes and hardware from bench to full commercial scale systems 

  • Processing cost analysis 

  • Custom hardware design and development

    • Spray nozzles 

    • Mixing chambers 

    • Particle/gas separation 

  • General thermo-fluid system performance evaluation, analysis and hardware design services 

From process analysis to custom hardware development

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Herman Snyder PhD
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd.
Purdue Technology Center
West Lafayette,  IN 47906

(765) 237-3392

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